Quality Tack Broker sells & consigns English & Western Saddles along with Antiques, Collectibles and Jewelry.


You can drop your items off to us or we can arrange a pick up at your home or facility. We then will determine the price of the items and collect all the details that are known about it.

A signed receipt will be issued with the agreed upon price and commission rate.

QTB will do any necessary cleaning, then take professional photos, and create a listing and we will then post the item on EBay, Facebook and Instagram.

If an item does not sell in the first 30 days, we will contact you to see if a lower price can be negotiated.

Once an item has sold we process the payment, package and ship the item. All shipments are fully insured and ship FedEx Ground and Priority Mail.

QTB does allow a 5 day trial period for all saddles. Saddles will always be paid in full during the trial period.

COMMISSION RATE is 35% for items selling under and up to $1k, 30% for items selling up to $2k and 25% for items selling over $2k.

Please let us know the best method of payment for you, we can send a check or pay you directly through PayPal or Venmo

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